Lauder Nitzan Kindergarten

Meet Our Staff

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Esther Mizrahi, Project Development Manager

Was born in Israel in 1969. With a background in theater management, Esther is a special education pedagogue who started her educational career in Israel in the non-formal education kibbutz system. In 1998, Esther moved to the Netherlands where she attained her special education certificate at the University of Utrecht and for 8 years, taught teens with emotional and behavioral difficulties at the ‘Brouwerij school voor speciaal onderwijs’. In 2003, Esther attended HAN university in Nijmegen furthering her education in Art and Drama Therapy. In 2006, she moved to Berlin to establish a home with her husband and three children.

Jeannine Paries, Nursery Manager

Was born 1980 in Henning village near Berlin.
After a year of voluntary social work at outdoor kindergarten and various internships which involved working with toddlers, she successfully completed her studies of Social Work / Social Pedagogy (UAS) in 2005. Since January 2007, when she arrived in Lauder Nitzan Kindergarten, Jeannine has worked with children of all age groups. Jeannine is responsible for the Berlin Educational Program for language enhancement and the transmission of general values ​​and the contents of daily life. Moreover she is in charge of the administration, admission of children to our kindergarten and all contacts with the Senate department of education, science and research. She lives in the Henning village with her ​​partner and their little son.

olga_orlowskiOlga Orlowski, Jewish Program Coordinator

was born in 1979 in Uzhgorod/ Ukraine. Olga is living in Berlin since 1999. She holds a Master’s degree in Education, German Linguistics and Jewish Studies at the Humboldt University. She has worked at Lauder Yeshurun since March 2005. In the past years, she was a major figure in the establishment of the daycare center and school of Lauder Yeshurun. As of April 2013, Olga is responsible for the coordination of the Jewish program at the daycare center. Together with the nursery team, Olga hopes to be able to contribute to the holistic development of every child as well as to mediate Jewish values ​​and implement them into the integrated curriculum.

Jana, Group Teacher

was born in 1979 in Spremberg /Germany. In 2001, she graduated as a certified Kindergarten teacher and worked for some time in the special education and care sectors. In 2005, Jana began to study at the Berlin School of Economics and graduated in 2009 with the completion Diploma in Business (emphasis on personnel and organization). During this time, Jana volunteered to work with children’s – youth work. Since October 2009, she has been working in the Lauder Nitzan kindergarten. During this time, she successfully completed a training course on “professional education for language support.” Together with her husband, son Jonas and daughter Julia, she lives in Berlin Kaulsdorf.

leah_portnoyLeah Portnoy, Group Teacher

At the age of 10, Leah moved with her family to Germany where she successfully graduated from her studies as a certified Kindergarten teacher. As a young girl, she worked as a Madricha (Youth Counselor) on various children’s youth seminars and summer camps and was able to gather experience in working with different age groups. Leah has been working in Lauder Nitzan Kindergarten since 2009. She and her husband have three wonderful daughters who also visit our facility.

Chana Grynberg, Group Teacher

was born in Dnepopetrovsk in the Ukraine in 1975. She is married and lives in Berlin with her ​​husband and their three children (age 14, 8 and 3 years old). Following her work as a primary teacher as well as her studies (Journalism, EPG Jewish Philosophy at Aish HaTorah) Hana had a varied range of professional experiences. Since 1994, she has been working with children, heading a Jewish mother-and-child-group. In March 2010, Chana began working at Lauder Nitzan Nursery as a Jewish teacher, mainly with the Tamar children (ages 3-4), conveying to them the Jewish Traditions and Jewish life.

Irina Sheer, Group Teacher

is from St. Petersburg (Russia). Since 2000, she lives in Germany. She obtained a BA in social work at Erfurt University of Applied Sciences. Jewish education is nothing new to her, as Irina has already worked quietly in a Jewish kindergarten for five years while in St. Petersburg. Since May 2011, Irina has been working with the Rimon group (aged in between 1 and 2 years) at Lauder Nitzan Kindergarten. According to Irina, it is crucial that all children feel at home in our nursery, and that “di golden chain” – the Golden Chain of Tradition be handed from one generation to another. Irina has a grown-up daughter and lives in Berlin.

Anne-Kathrin Marciniak, Group Teacher

is 25 years old and has worked as a kindergarten teacher in the Rimon-group since October 2011. She has successfully completed her degree as a state-approved social worker in Lower Saxony. In this function, she has been working for the Children and Youth Welfare Services and the Disability Allowance. Additionally, Anne was able to gain much experience working with toddlers. Originally from Saxony-Anhalt, Anne-Kathrin moved to Berlin in 2011.

Simone Hackelbush, Group Teacher

Svetlana (Rachel) Andreskova, Teacher Assistant