Yeshivas Beis Zion

Meet Our Students

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Boruch Binyomin Kochan, Full Time Program

Raised in far-flung Magadan, Russia, he and his family arrived in Leipzig where he was involved in the Leipzig ToraZentrum, before joining the Yeshiva’s Highschool program. After completing his Abitur, he decided to join the yeshiva’s full-time program. Boruch Binyomin’s sister Sheina spends time studying at the Lauder Midrasha, making the Kochans the latest in a long line of families with a Yeshiva and Midrasha connection.

Moshe Pitimashvili, Full Time Program

Moshe was born in Georgia. He came with his family to Germany in 2004. Back in 2005 he came to Berlin to participate in the student program at the Yeshiva. After three years he began his full-time study. Through his diligence and determination, he expanded his knowledge. Meanwhile, Moshe is in Shiur Gimmel for advanced students. He is also helping as Maschgiach Kaschrut in the yeshiva.

Isroel Shamilov, Full Time Program

Isroel comes from Nalchik in southern Russia. 2003 his family moved to Stuttgart. There Isroel celebrated his bar mitzvah and attended religious education classes. A year ago he became a full time student at the yeshiva. He is a diligent student in the program for beginners. This year he was succeeded by his younger brother, who became a student in our yeshiva, in the Highschool-program.

Michael Adler, Student

Born and raised in Frankfurt, Michael came to the yeshiva in 2010. His family came originally from Slovakia to Germany. After completing his bachelor’s degree in physics at Frankfurt University, he saw an opportunity in Berlin to join his master’s degree with Torah study. He has many new learning partners and also helps students to broaden their knowledge.