Lauder Nitzan Kindergarten

Our Home

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Our kindergarten has four light and spacious rooms plus a smaller room for a small pre-school group.
These rooms serve the needs of 40 children with a maximum capacity of 50 children.
Just outside in the yard we have a big sand box with a slide and a soft-grounded playing area where the children are able to ride bikes and toy cars, and engage with other outdoor toys and activities. Moreover, we have created little flower beds for the children to plant vegetables and flowers and thus experience nature growing and developing day by day.
In our basement we have a gymnastic room equipped with a climbing frame to help our little ones develop healthy motor skills, as well as equipment to be used by all age groups under professional guidance. It is here where our weekly music and movement lessons take place.
Our kindergarten is situated within walking distance from many playgrounds that are visited on a daily basis.