ToraZentrum Leipzig

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A lot is happening at the ToraZentrum: Youth from around the region get together to celebrate Jewish holidays, adults learn Torah on a regular basis and listen to a variety of classes, prayer services are held, Shabbatot, Seminars and Parties are taking place.

The Tora Zentrum Leipzig is a project of the Israelitische Religionsgemeinde zu Leipzig and Lauder Yeshurun and is funded by the Rogosnitzky Family and the Central Coucil for Jews in Germany. It consists of a modern facility in Uferstraße, and offers accommodation close-by to guests from neighboring communities.
The ToraZentrum was inaugurated on December 18th 2005 and attracted esteemed guests from across Europe and the United States, who together with the students from Yeshivas Beis Zion and hundreds of local community members, celebrated this truly historic event. At the centre of the event was the inauguration of a new Tora scroll which was accompanied with song and dance from the Keilstrasse Synagogue all the way to her new home in the ToraZentrum in Uferstrasse.

The ToraZentrum developed from the success of the initial Am Echad youth project in Leipzig, founded in 1999. It became clear that there was much potential and keen interest in Jewish Learning among Leipzig’s youth, creating a need for a new project to cater for not just the local Jewish population but for the entire region.