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No one thought it would happen. Many thought it never should happen. But with more than 120,000 Jews having emigrated from the former Soviet Union to Germany, this community has something it did not have a decade ago: a future.

Throughout the country, the Central Council of Jews in Germany and local communities have been creating programs to engage these immigrants. Many of their programs—youth clubs, social events, language courses, and more—are proving successful. Young Jews are integrating into German society—receiving degrees, taking jobs, creating businesses, and building lives.

But will these young Jews integrate into Judaism? Will the future of the tenth largest Jewish community in the world be a Jewish one? What is the key to securing not only a future, but a Jewish future?

The answer: Education.

Young Jews deserve the opportunity to learn, think, question, challenge, grow and lead. They deserve the chance to learn Hebrew, study our history, challenge our assumptions, embrace our tradition, read our texts, and experience the richness and breadth of Jewish learning and living.

At Lauder Yeshurun, we give them this chance. From institutions designed for the highly motivated, to outreach programs created for the least affiliated, we are offering young Jews in Germany and Central Europe a myriad of opportunities to learn, to think and to grow—as Jews.

The word is out in big cities and little towns, in communities large and small: if you are young, eager to learn and impassioned about being Jewish, Lauder Yeshurun will find a place, and a program, for you.