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It takes vision to imagine great things. It takes commitment to make them real.

We are privileged to have a few deeply committed partners, large and small, institutional and private, who have been working with us as we have taken our dreams and turned them into plans.

Our funding derives from two sources. First, we receive regular grants from foundations and trusts, including a generous annual stipend from our founding supporter—The Ronald S. Lauder Foundation. Second, we receive donations, large and small, from individuals and families the world over.
We encourage our supporters, irrespective of the size of their contributions, to get involved with the students they support, with the lives they touch. We invite them to visit, spend a Shabbat, attend a seminar, give a lecture, lead a discussion, or provide job or academic mentoring. We encourage them to invite our students to their communities in Europe, Israel, even the United States. This kind of hands-on activity turns donors into real partners, and adds incalculable value to their giving, and to our receiving.

It no longer takes imagination to see what is possible in Berlin, in the rest of Germany, and in Central Europe. You can see—and feel—it the minute you step into one of our classrooms or meet one of our students, and you can also learn more about our accomplishments in our brochures, or in the many newspaper and magazine articles written about us around the world.

But we have not yet reached our potential. Our vision is far greater, as great as the map of Central and Eastern Europe and the countries beyond, where young Jews are beginning to reconnect with their roots and their religion. They are rebuilding Jewish life where it had been brutally wiped away, and our job is to help them.

Consider joining us in making this vision real, and in bringing Judaism back to Jewish life.

Should you and your family, or your foundation or agency, wish to make a donation or learn more about our programs and discuss ways of joining in with us, click here or contact us at [email protected]