kindergarten and school

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By 2006 we had ten Jewish children in our neighborhood and we went into action immediately: we opened a kindergarten in a small classroom. When planning and building a larger facility, which we planned to open in 2008, we projected having twenty-two children. But by the time we opened its doors, we had thirty children, with more soon on the way. Lucky for us we found extra space to accommodate them.

For older children we created a Sunday school, then a day camp for summer and winter, all the while planning on that biggest of steps: to open a Jewish school, because nothing signals optimism, commitment and hope like a school. Both our kindergarten and the school have a simple core mission—a genuinely Jewish commitment to learning.

This means three things. First, we exceed the local general curriculum standards. Second, we provide an excellent, uncompromised Jewish education. Third, and most importantly, we believe in creating an excitement about discovering, thinking, writing, and reading, which will stand our children in good stead, no matter their level of observance or background.