kollel and community

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How does a community actually develop—in places where none existed for decades? How does one inspire people to join in a cause bigger than themselves? How can one articulate clear values about Jewish learning and Jewish living?

The answer: by example. Which is what our Kollel is about.

The Kollel is a group of families, some imported, some local, all of whom are committed to a life of ongoing learning and inspired leadership. Individually and as a group, they stand for clear and sensible values—community, responsibility, growth through learning, the importance of not just being a rabbi or a committed Jew, but of becoming one anew every day.

They are the motor of communal growth, and their enthusiasm for learning and for creating a genuinely welcoming community is inspiring. Since the inception of the Kollel, our community of young families has tripled in size, and with marriages taking place regularly and babies born soon afterwards, we don’t just talk about Jewish continuity, we live it.